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D-Teflon who you may recognize best known for his starring role as the witty & charming ladies man Prosecutor Chris Darden alongside Carrie Ann Moss in FX The Series & from various television shows as he has appeared on networks such as CTV,FX CBS BET,ABC.

Since 1996 since Joining SAG/Aftra as an Actor & Film/TV Producer D-Teflon has built up over a dozen credits that include television and commercials feature studio Hollywood film motion pictures since engaging into the film industry.

-Rookie Blue( Louis Campbell)

D-Teflon Actor Producer best known for Fx The Series (1996),Rookie Blue(2011) and BloodBath Jason Vs Micheal (2012)

D-Teflon starred in the popular Sci Fi Series FX as the witty & charming ladies man as Prosecutor Chris Darden alongside Carrie Ann Moss appeared in recurring guest spots on various hit shows such as Rookie Blue,,The Missing & will be starring as Federal Agent John Mccarthy in the Crime Drama First Kill (2017)

He won for best new Actor as Jason in BloodBath Jason Vs Micheal in the 2012 Terror Film Festival which also won best Horror at the Sarasota Film Festival.

D-Teflon won for best new Actor as Jason Voorhees in BloodBath Jason Vs Micheal in the Terror Film Festival which also won best Horror at the Sarasota Film Festival.

He has appeared on networks such as CTV,FX,CBS,BET,ABC since 1996 with over a dozen film & producer credits that include motion pictures,television and commercials since engaging into the Hollywood Film Industry.

He is Represented by the I.N Group Talent Agency and as well ADM Celebrity Model and Talent Management Publicist Firm and is residing between Los Angeles California and South Florida.

D-Teflon about to put a beatdown on Kiefer Sutherland at Paramount Pictures Stage 18.

D-Teflon made his first big screen appearance in minor roles in Collateral as Kip The Bodyguard, Since then he has appeared in Blockbuster films and worked alongside highly regarded actors, including Tom Cruise, Jaime Foxx,Lawrence Fishburne, Robin Williams and Maria Bello such as Man of the Year,Assault on Precinct 13 and Kiefer Sutherland just to name a few.

Still growing everyday as an actor he plans to keep developing his craft.



Series First Kill Redemption 2015
Movie BloodBath Jason's Revenge 2015
Movie Escape Plan 2013-10-18
TV 70th Golden Globe Awards 2013-01-13
Series The Following 2013-01-21
Movie 2 Guns 2013-08-02
Movie BloodBath Jason Vs Micheal 2012
Movie The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2012-06-23
Movie End of Watch 2012-09-21
Movie First Kill 2012
TV Movie Earth's Final Hours 2012-02-01
TV The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2012-01-15
TV The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2011-06-19
Series King 2011-04-01
TV The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2011-01-16
TV Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2011 Golden Globe Awards 2011-01-16
TV Golden Globes Red Carpet Live 2010-01-17
Series The Deep End 2010-01-21
Series Rookie Blue 2010-06-24
TV The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2010-06-27
Movie The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans 2010-02-25
TV 2010 MTV Movie Awards 2010-06-06
Series Dan for Mayor 2010-03-01
Series Blue Bloods 2010-09-24
TV Live from the Red Carpet: The 2009 Golden Globe Awards 2009-01-11
Movie Killshot 2009-07-16
TV 2009 MTV Movie Awards 2009-05-31
Series The Border 2009-05-14
TV The 80th Annual Academy Awards 2008-02-24
TV The 35th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards 2008-06-20
Movie 88 Minutes 2008-04-18
Movie Doomsday 2008-03-14
Series MTV Video Music Awards 2008 2008-09-07
TV Movie Bodyguard: A New Beginning 2008-11-06
TV ETalk Festival Party 2008-09-05
TV Live from the Red Carpet: The 2007 Golden Globe Awards 2007-01-15
TV 2007 MTV Movie Awards 2007-06-03
Movie Home of the Brave 2007-03-01
Movie Man of the Year 2006-10-13
Movie Edison 2005-11-11
Movie Forty Shades of Blue 2005-12-07
Series 20 to 1 2005-09-29
Movie Partners 2005
Series Entertainment Tonight Canada 2005-09-12
Series Star!Daily 2005-09-07
TV 2005 MTV Movie Awards 2005-06-09
Movie Assault on Precinct 13 2005-01-19
Series Daytime 2004
Movie Collateral 2004-08-06
TV 2004 Much Music Video Music Awards 2004-06-27
Movie The Quiet American 2003-02-07
Movie Out for a Kill 2003-08-19
Series 1-800-Missing 2003-08-02
Movie In the Name of Love 2003
Movie Impostor 2002-01-04
Series Sue Thomas: F.B.I. 2002-10-13
Movie Iris 2002-05-16
Movie Blow Dry 2001-07-26
Series Guarding the Stars 2001-06-01
Movie Exit Wounds 2001-03-16
Movie Amerika 2000
Movie Eis - wenn die Welt erfriert 2000-07-22
Movie Up at the Villa 2000-05-05
Movie Poodle Springs 1998-07-25
Movie Bronx County 1998
Movie The Offering 1997
Movie Virus C.I.A. - In feindlicher Absicht 1997-08-22
Series F/X: The Series 1996-1998
Series Entertainment Tonight 2005 2007 2012,2014

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