Chairman and Founder:

D-Teflon is co Founder and Managing Partner at Alliance Entertainment/Vision Films Studios Group with its head office based in Los Angeles California.

The company specializes in providing VIP services for some of Hollywood's A-List Celebrities & Executives as well major studio film & television production in USA & Canada & Overseas

His love for the Entertainment Industry has influenced him to explore all avenues of the business, including Public Relations, Media Marketing,Nightclub Management, Film & Television industry & Celebrity Protection working at the highest level with the top industry professionals for the past 22yrs


D-Teflon started of in the late 90's working as a P.A on an Internship learning the ropes of Development and Creative Affairs at Mirage Films working under mentor Academy Award Winning Producer/Director Sydney Pollack.

Combining his financial sensibility with an eye for film making, started his own independent film company merging the Alliance Brand creating Vision Films Studios in 2010.along with Producing Partner Mallory Scott who was the former President of Fly Vision Films Entertainment.

During his tenure he was responsible for international sales & distribution as well as working as a assistant associate producer for Pollack & produced more than a dozen films for the company.

D-Teflon as a film producer has produced now over 30 film/tv projects & is responsible for all daily operations that include Marketing,Finance distribution promotion & business affairs with an overall objective to green light contracts & produce market & release film & tv projects.

He is principally responsible for packaging combining actors,writers & well overseeing projects & contract negotiations & has joint responsibility for signing new talent.and is in charge of all concept development on new film & television projects & everyday operations.