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Vision Films merged with the AE Group and launched its production studio partnership in 2010 with a new vision with to address the markets growing need for quality art independent television projects,and to bring higher budget quality independent web film features.

Vision Films Studios Entertainment is dedicated to fostering the skills and talents of our students providing them with a foundation to build a meaningful career in film making.

Our Entertainment Film Production Division develops & produces film,television & music production TV projects and executes publicity and marketing strategies on behalf of production companies as well as for individual directors,producers & writers.

Working with other talented producers Actors video editors and talent agents Vision Films Studios is a full service marketing, distribution and consulting on mainstream inependent motion picture & adult entertainment film production company

Our company offers actors professional training & film making courses for those who wish to seek a career in the film & television industry either on screen or behind the scenes and are committed to delivering complete solutions for entertainment properties in the United States and Canada

We are expanding our services as our team grows to bring aboard and establish relationships with upcoming film producers,script writers,film editors and music composers.

The company has been conceived to offer strategic planning, sales, marketing and consulting for all genres of films and television programs.

We will continue to cater to the lucrative world independent home video market to act within a consistent, focused and financially responsible filmmaking strategy, one that integrates development, production and distribution into a single sustained process.

We see this as a return to the dynamic entrepreneurial agenda the film industry started out with a century ago and they are already set to release a Hollywood Blockbuster Films & true life reality web series tv shows.


Our goal at Vision Films is to support the initial vision of high quality independent filmmakers with creative collaboration at every step of the process.

It is hard enough to do good work at any time, harder now in a competitive commercial marketplace. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that our combination of passion, ingenuity and clear-cut honest responsiveness is the best way to ensure results that make a difference.

Vision Films

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