On June 18, D-Teflon,Project Director for the Believe Foundation ,and partners Matt Murray,Mark Taylor,James P Morrison,Sean Kanan teamed up with the ADL as Official Celebrity Guest Speakers to launch the SBT Project No Place for Hate Celebrity Campaign along with ADL Staff and various other celebrity activists spoke at the Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission’s Network Against Hate Crime held at the National Council in Los Angeles. The ADL SBT workshop, Cyberbullying: Focus on the Legal Issues, allowed members of the Commission’s Network, as well as other community leaders, to discuss the complex issues that accompany the relationship between bullying, cyberbullying, and the law.

ADL’s Spokesperson D-Teflon

D-Teflon covered ADL’s definition of bullying, cyberbullying and the different roles that people play in these behaviors. He then covered some of the language used in ADL SBT Project No place for Hate Campaign bullying prevention initiatives as well as the impact of both bullying and cyberbullying on targets, aggressors and bystanders. He along with others then explored key legal issues, such as the role of freedom of speech and the lack of clear consensus in the nuanced responses of the Supreme Court to cases of school intervention throughout the years.

With the help of our some his celebrity friends from film tv and the music industry who attended they have come together, to unite, connect, and chat and help victims of cyber bullying a place for them to get help to bring a global fight back against cyberstalkers.

During the dialogue that followed the presentation the ADL SBT Project staff discussed the bullying prevention resources available to educators, parents, students, and community members.

Click here to learn more about the warning signs of cyberbullying, and be sure to check out ADL’s “Grown Folks’ Guide to Popular Apps in Social Media.”

To schedule a similar program for your school or organization, contact Believe Foundation Changing Hearts and Minds Institute Project Director at believefoundationinc@gmail.com

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