We guarantee to live by the # 1 rule of our mission which we have been true to when we started & that is our clients needs come first!

Our mission statement is to provide a wide range of time saving tasks for the busy Executive, and individuals whose time is much more valuable than being spent on daily mundane tasks.

From supporting your local office assistants to providing access to the best VIP Services to Celebrities and Executives has to offer.

Our Team works as well with A-List Hollywood producers & filmmakers to offer bespoke financing solutions for independent feature films..

The principal owners & executive team of The Alliance Entertainment Group have long established careers and a continuing involvement in film development, physical production, distribution, acquisition, sales and financing,security,and nightlife management..




That means the company brings with it a wide variety of skills and a unique understanding of the complex processes and challenges involved in taking a project from script to screen.

20yrs since AE first opened its doors it has become one of the premiere entertainment companies in the industry today with its direct relationships with major celebrity talent has established our track record of success in executing high-profile projects of various types & sizes, including multi-million dollar events.

Alliance Entertainment has become one of the most visible public relations entertainment firms in the country.AE & ADM PR have created & developed national media campaigns for numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide & is known setting new trends that reflects popular cultures & influences the public.

Together with a hand-picked staff offers services for our clients is one of the top global full-service entertainment companies in Canada & USA that specializes in film, television & music production, celebrity protection, model & talent management, artist development for musicians, as well…

The # 1 Celebrity Vip Executive Protection Team to the stars such as Morgan Freeman, Justin Timberlake, Penelope Cruz, Samuel Jackson just to name a few is Alliance Entertainment security team and hospitality staff provides VIP concierge services such as Celebrity & Executive Protection, SUV & Limo service transports for some of the biggest celebrities in the film & music industry
We provide VIP Concierge treatment like no other with always guaranteed rates lower then the competition with first class service for film producers actors worldwide to planning your film festival screening party & red carpet after parties for our clients at various Awards shows straight from the Airport to the hotel to the red carpet to the afterparty for some of the biggest names in Hollywood Actors Producers


The Alliance team has a track record that causes confidence and peace of mind. Whether your need is concept development, operations, promotions, marketing, celebrity protection & entertainment VIP services to clients all over the world.

Alliance Entertainment’s staff knows what it takes to be successful in the hospitality business, whether your business is large, small, corporate-owned or independent, AE’s track record will be a source of comfort for your business.

Alliance Entertainment Group is an award-winning industry-leading marketing, consulting, and professional entertainment celebrity concierge VIP service firm.


With our elite hand-picked staff working out of our head office in Los Angeles we offer services for our clients with our on-call staff for some of the top celebrities & industry professionals in the USA, Canada & overseas are one of the top global full-service entertainment executive Concierge companies in North America.

The Alliance Entertainment Celebrity Concierge Group has been in a privately owned operation since 1993 that specializes in film, television & music production, celebrity protection, model & talent management, artist development for musicians, as well representation of professional actors, models sports athletes & as well acting & vocal training, makeup & photography services.

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