Celebrity Talent Booking Form
To make a request to book a Celebrity Talent please fill out and submit the booking request below, You will not be charged until the booking is confirmed by the talent and one of our agents and you submit payment. We work with a wide range of celebrities and their management and will work as your broker to negotiate the best deal possible for you.
Enter your request with the name of the Celebrity you wish for us to take your offer to
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Flat Fee All in Buy out means there may be additional select items or requirements that you will provide to talent in addition to the appearance booking fee or you can select a flat-fee buy out to send a proposal offer. Reminder This fee is handled separately from the booking offer
Must be a professional licesnsed insured company and approved by management of talent
Enter your proposal $$ offer for us to present to talent/artist, We will work to negotiate the best deal for you
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If celebrity declines or is unavailable in your first choice we will take the offer to the next on the list in order
We will only contact you if the client accepts your proposal offer