"We are the Leading force in Entertainment Services since 1993."

"We create strong relationships with our talent and deliver superior client experiences while maintaining the highest standards in our industry."

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[icon_feature icon=”icon-group” title=”Our Company”]Alliance Entertainment has firmly established itself as one of the most respected firms in the entertainment industry.[/icon_feature]
[icon_feature icon=”hb-moon-list-2″ title=”Services”]VIP Concierge, Film & Television Production, Model & Talent Management, and Celebrity Protection Services[/icon_feature]
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[spacer][title type=”fancy-h1″ align=”center” color=”#000000″]THE LEADING FORCE IN ENTERTAINMENT[/title][title type=”fancy-h5″ align=”center” color=”#343434″]”ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP”[/title]
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We are an award-winning film and television production company. Our success is deeply rooted due to our relationships with top creative talent, including actors, writers, and directors. Our company provides services such as VIP Concierge, Celebrity Bodyguard & Executive Protection security services.

The Alliance Entertainment mission is to empower and guide our clients in their chosen area(s) of endeavor in the traditional and digital media spaces. We actively create and explore new opportunities for our clients, with a strong focus on fulfilling what matters to them creatively, artistically, and financially. Our clientele is comprised of Actors, Influencers, Hosts, Models, Dancers, Comedians, Writers, Celebrities, and Musicians. We understand that each client will have a different set of needs and offer our clients guidance on branding, marketing, finance, business creation, monetization, and overall talent development, with the potential for new emerging areas. We take a mastermind approach to our management methods, push all of our client’s careers to their fullest potential, ensuring effective growth.

Our team is here to assist you with a sound staff of multi-talented individuals serving our clients with a high level of professional service, expert knowledge in entertainment services.

[title type=”fancy-h5″ align=”center” color=”#343434″]”CELEBRITY VIP ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES TO THE STARS “[/title][title type=”fancy-h1″ align=”center” color=”#000000″]TAKING CARE OF HOLLYWOOD’S ELITE SINCE 1993[/title]
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We Are a Full-Service Talent Booking Agency, Setting the Industry Standard for 25 Years!

"We create strong relationships with our talent and deliver superior client experiences while maintaining the highest standards in our industry."

[title type=”fancy-h6″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]LOOKING TO HIRE A CELEBRITY INFLUENCER FOR YOUR BRAND OR PRODUCT LAUNCH??[/title][title type=”fancy-h6″ align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]JUST SOME OF OUR AMAZING CELEBRITY TALENT & CLIENTS WE WORK WITH![/title]

"We are an independent celebrity talent booking agency and talent management company for professional actors, dancers models, influencers, artists, comedians & professional athletes."

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We match brands with the best celebrities and key opinion leaders for their campaigns.

Create word-of-mouth advertising with people that are trusted in your target demographic and build your reputation among their followers.

Contact us to discuss how to grow your brand!

We know it takes more than an assertive publicist to fill a room with A-listers, or to walk the red carpet, or to pair individuals with brands that culminate extraordinary opportunities.

Our team adds unique, personalized touches to your talent relations needs, making all your experiences memorable.

Want to book your favorite star to perform or appear at your event too? Our pleasure.

The Alliance Entertainment Group can also organize talent bookings to light up any room.

After years of organically cultivating relationships with key players and top talent, our agency is committed to managing every aspect of your talent relations needs.


[title type=”fancy-h6″ align=”center” color=”#dd3333″]OUR AGENTS ARE ON CALL HERE TO ASSIST FOR 24 HOURS A DAY[/title]
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