The Alliance Entertainment Celebrity VIP & Executive protection security team provides vip services for some of the biggest celebrities Worldwide.

D-Teflon & his team since 2000 has provided the very best in Celebrity  Executive protection services from movie sets to red carpets for clients such as

Just a few of our Current Clients

Mike Myers

Eva Mendez

Nicholas Cage

Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton

Mark Wahlberg

Bruce Willis

Ben Mackenzie

Samuel Jackson

Gerald Butler


John Travolta

Kiefer Sutherland


Justin Timberlake

Dylan McDermott






D-Teflon is the President of Alliance Entertainment Celebrity Protection

D-Teflon & Ja Rule leave courthouse

Since 2001 Actor Producer and Celebrity Bodyguard D-Teflon works under contract as Security Director for Los Angeles based production company EFF Oasis Films. D-Teflon has a 20yr background in the world of Celebrity & Executive Protection as he worked as the lead bodyguard detail in 2000-2010 for Murder Inc Records for Recording Artist Ja Rule.

He then went on to be hired exclusive to work for some of Hollywood’s Biggest A-List stars from Rihanna to Justin Timberlake where he worked on the Future Sex Love Sounds Tour to names such as Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J,Nic Cage & Peneople Cruz, to working for professional athletes such as Trish Stratus,Chyna in WWE to public figures & politicians and film executives.

D-Teflon as well has provided consulting services for over 300 nightclubs & bars,corporate 500 companies & Private Investigation services in USA & Canada in the Florida,Las Vegas & Toronto Canada Area.

He currently works exclusively for Hollywood Film Producer Randall Emmett and under contract since 2001 Alliance Entertainment Group handles the private security for all major A-List EFO Films clients on film sets and red carpet movie premieres and as well handles other various VIP Concierge responsibilities for the company.

EFF Oasis Films is A leading Private Film Production Company that develops and provides production related services for motion pictures & is one of Hollywood’s most active and prestigious independent film company.

It is best known for such films as End of Watch,Lone Survivor,2 Guns,Rambo.