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Do I have to take a course to become a model or an actor?

Professional training can be a vital advantage in any highly competitive field and most clients do not want to book a total beginner. That being said,  a model or actor must no longer look a specific way in order to succeed, as lifestyles change, so do the trends in advertising, television commercials, print ads and fashion.

Does AE Offer Training Courses & What do AE's Specialty Workshops and Courses Offer?

Alliance Entertainment offers a variety of new and exciting workshops. these workshops will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed in this industry.

Do I need to spend lots of money to be a model or Actor in Canada or USA?

Models & Actors are self employed and work as independent contractors. You are starting your own business, therefore like any business you must invest for your business to succeed.

All Clients that have worked with us who have gone thru what we call the boot camp have all gone on to do great things in there career AE Talent Managers work speaks for it self and so does the clients managed by them.

AE Talent Managers are currently Representing all types of top talent from actors, models,writers, artists and lifestyle experts such as style gurus, chefs, TV hosts, social network bloggers and fitness pros,& our proven track record in the industry for the last 20yrs has been forging partnerships with the best corporate brands and talents.

Why do I need a portfolio?

Not having a portfolio for a go-see/open call is like going to a job interview without a resume.

A portfolio will aid you in receiving jobs because it demonstrates your capabilities and potentials. All actors must posses a demo reel without it,  almost all agents or agencies will not even look at you.

What are Signs of a Scam?

Be cautious if an agency tells you any of these things listed below.
– “We can guarantee you work”
– “You are exactly what were looking for”
– “Babies require professional pictures or portfolios.”

Instead, ask the agency questions like:

-What associations is it members of?
-What jobs/contracts have the models/talent received?
-Is there any type of https://allianceentertainment.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/blog-post-img-2.jpgistration fee?
-What percentage is their commission on bookings?
-Do agents and bookers from major agencies around the world visit looking for new talent?

How soon can I expect to see myself on the web site if I am added to the AE roster?

All models and actors will be able to be viewed by a log in password provided to clients for security purposes. Only our professional models and actors & talent division will be displayed without a log in feature.

How soon can I expect to get work?

Getting work in this industry depends on a wide variety of things. How much experience does someone has, how busy the industry you are auditioning for is, what directors are looking for at the moment, and whether or not you have the knowledge to land the part or booking when you get that audition or go see.

When can I expect payment for a job I did?

Depends on the job. If it was a union job then payment can be expected within two to three weeks. Residuals take longer. For more information on the union see www.actratoronto.com & http://www.sagaftra.org/ or contact our office.

If you did a non union job for a commercial or any type of print or promotional booking you can expect payment within approximately 3 months. Reason for the length is because once a job is completed we must invoice the client.

Then they must invoice their client and then it must travel all the way back down. So by the time all of this happens it is approximately 3 months. Paydays are on the 15th and 30th of every month. You must call in to see if payment has arrived. Checks must be picked up in person unless otherwise requested.
The reason for this is because the agency likes to see you!

How do I get into Catalogs & Magazines?

Catalogue & magazine scouts and talent agents use professional models that have developed to a professional level.

Catalogue houses do not have time to waste training new models so aspiring to land these types of roles take time and dedication to not only your brand but also your profession.

If an agency likes you, should they pay for everything?

This is a common misconception.

If an agency decides to advance funds to a model for photos, housing etc, it is a loan. The models must pay this back whether the model works or not.

If a model develops a track record of continual bookings and income, agencies may advance some funds.

Alliance Entertainment does not advance money to any new models or talent