Alliance Entertainment Group provide first class service at the Toronto Film Festival for film producers actors worldwide to planning your film festival screening party & red carpet after parties for our clients at T.I.F.F straight from the Airport to the hotel to the red carpet to the after party for some of the biggest names in Hollywood.


Alliance Entertainment Group provides at the Toronto Film Festival Celebrity Protection,SUV & Limo service transports for some of the biggest celebrities in the film industry.

Our team VIP Concierge treatment like no other with always guaranteed rates lower then the competition.

Our goal is NOT to meet expectations, but rather to exceed them. We consider a performance only as expected as a failure. This perspective is shared by every single member of our staff.

Our team is personally invested in you, and as your trusted partner we deliver guaranteed! Both our Passion and our reputation mandate this level of assurance.

With our company is a collaborative, full spectrum, energetic and innovative destination team.

Many of our first-time clients are literally stunned at their experience with  how well we pay attention to every detail of there needs.

We pride ourselves on being the “OnStar” button for our clients.


Our distinguished clients have come to expect and value our highly individualized approach and our commitment to understanding each client’s specific unique needs.



To hire the best in Celebrity Protection Bodyguard  Services at the Toronto Film Festival for your client

We believe that there is a solution for every situation and are devoted to assisting our clients in resolving any issues that come up

What distinguishes us from other companies is our 24/7- service.

So, if you want the best that is available, unlike anything experienced at any other firm, then look no further; you have finally arrived with new partner in VIP services.

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Looking for Exclusive photos from our events at the Toronto Film Festival

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