[title]VENESSA NIETO[/title]


Venessa Nieto aka The Queen of the South joined the Alliance Entertainment Group team in the Spring of 2018 and works  as a Celebrity Fitness Personal Trainer residing in Miami Florida is a Professional Brand Ambassador Influencer and is one of Social Media’s Top Fitness Stars online Trainers

Hey guys and welcome to my journey! I myself was not the most confident and struggled to become the person I was put on this earth to be. I grew up very thin and struggled to gain weight. I was made fun of consistently; clothes never fit and ran into multiple dead ends. I resorted to a alcohol filled lifestyle where partying and surrounding myself with girls I wanted to look like became more and more unhealthy. I know we all have our own issues and this was mine. Not only was it difficult to put on weight but any weight that was put on went straight to my midsection and areas that just made my body look even more strange! I had to make a change and started educating myself on mental and physical changes to my life. To this day if I did not take my workouts and eating habits seriously I would still be living the same life, which would have gotten me nowhere.

I am so happy I made the initial first step because not only do I have more confidence on the exterior but my mental health has changed drastically and have excelled in everything else I do in life. I believe once you take control of your mind, amazing things fall into place. We are all human and the best we thing we can do is give this life given to us our all. Once you do just this the feeling on the other side is al worthwhile! I guarantee you I am here to help you feel the best, gain confidence and simply own yourself! There is no better feeling than this. –Venessa

““I’m not kidding, my but has never ever had a round shape to it until I started doing your exercises. My legs have always reacted awesome to working out but now I know way more exercises and the bands are awesome.”


Commit, Excel, Thrive. My goal is to empower your to move and live a healthier and more fulfilling life. It seems as though many of us know we need to be healthier and take care of ourselves, but we really don’t know how to go about training and nutrition. Or, if we’re following a program, we don’t fully understand why we are doing what we are doing. This is why I partnered with my friends at Shaped By Science to provide you with a PhD approved nutrition and training plan that comes with 24/7 direct access to me!

My idea became a reality! Create a platform you can use every day in the palm of your hand, empowering you to take control of your health. I take a very personal approach and provide you direct access to my member only app and direct messaging to me as well as all my meals and your nutrition guide. Think of me as your ultimate accountability partner because I will motivate you and check in to see how things are going.

I love seeing all of my clients thrive and excel as they make a commitment to live healthier. It motivates me even more, being a part of your change and journey. I look forward to empowering you to reach your goals each step of the way!

““Thank you for giving out meal plans and making it so detailed for the price. It’s amazing and the food is delissshhhh! I told all my friends to check you out as well.”

— Giddel