Cosplay Cast Volunteers wanted

Casting Call for Believe Foundation Super Heroes of Hope Commercial Series for the Kids in Need

#Auditions Underway….

All Models and Actors to Submit for Commercial  Series Last Round of Auditions

Final Chance to submit audition tapes

Do you or someone you know look like A Superhero or resembles a Character from Marvel or DC Comics?

Do you have a Halloween costume Laying around of Wonder woman or Harley Quinn or Cat woman?

Fellas What about you think you can play the joker batman spider man or black panther

Do you want to bring out your inner Super Hero in support of the Believe Foundation Super Heroes of Hope?

The Last remaining female spots to be a part of #TeamBelieve   cast left to cast

Felicia Hardy, Harley Quinn Storm, Wonder Woman, and Mystique” Black Widow. The Joker Black Panther

Submission, Requirements:

You must submit a Video self-tape of yourself, introduce yourself and your city, your from and the role, you are auditioning for, and why we should pick you

Submit a video 3 mins or less of you doing a monologue doing your best impression of the character.

You must be able to be outgoing in video, showcase your personality and be as creative as you can.

Get into character if need be if you have a costume from Halloween in your closet. Submissions must include industry headshot + full-body Photos height+ measurements city your from and contact # email include links to your social media+ self-tape audition.



Video will be posted to, the site where you can get your friends to vote for you.

No submissions will be accepted without video If you, make,it into final casting you will be called in to audition live.

Do you or someone you know look like Anyone of the, Marvel or DC Comic book characters
Final female roles left to cast.

Felicia Hardy
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman
Black Widow
Cat woman

Casting Submission Form We are currently accepting open submissions for a variety of network syndicated and indie film and television projects. We are only accepting submissions from Actors and Extras who live in the Los Angeles/Toronto Atlanta/Vancouver/Chicago area If you live outside of these areas you can still submit but if you are cast and you live out of these areas you will have to find your own way out to the city and your own accommodations If you are subscribed to our newsletter, we send out a list of castings in the area but you must be a VIP member to get access to view. Projects castings are Union and Non-Union projects. For all future and current project casting for 2020-2021 We will only be contacting those submissions that we wish to have an audition with Casting Director/Producers/Director of the projects who will see your submissions and at that time you will be asked to submit a self-tape which sides will be sent to you at that time for the project. once all the castings submissions have been accepted. If you have submitted already you do not need to submit again
African American, Asian, Caucasian, Latin, European??
African American, Asian, Caucasian, Latin, European??
All Submissions must include this Tell us about you! In your Intro Video let casting directors/producers know Your name & City and The Role for that specific project we are casting for and that you would like to audition for and why you think you would be the best casting choice for this role Video should be no longer than 1 min long Feel free to be creative or throw a monologue in so they can see your acting chops Record your video and attach the link to the URL here after you upload to either youtube or Vimeo
Leave Description Color, Length of Hair,(Long, Short, Bald,?)
Leave Description of what type of training Martial Arts, Firearms, Athletic/ Sports Background, etc that we should know about
Please make sure all links to your videos Vimeo or youtube are not private
If you have no current agency or management you are signed with put N/A
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