In an entertainment industry saturated with dripping concupiscence and moist with the lewd images of scantily dressed women lured by the stupefying rhythm of men’s sexual desires, there are no other women on the planet like Alliance Entertainment’s /AEMT Models Venessa Nieto aka the Queen of the South & Ms 305 an International Fitness Model/Trainer and Celebrity Fitness Influencer who resides in Miami Florida.

Venessa Nieto is a popular fitness model born and raised in Southern California, USA. Boasting a curvy, lean, and fit figure, Venessa is an inspiration for a large number of her followers. However, Venessa wasn’t always the fit and healthy shape she’s famed for.

Growing up, Venessa was extremely ‘skinny,’ saying; “I was always the skinniest person in high school. I was made fun of all through grade school for being little and could never figure out how to gain weight.” Venessa tried various methods to gain weight, from drinking ‘gainer’ shakes, to trying at-home workouts. However, nothing she’d tried worked.


It wasn’t until Venessa stepped into the gym when her physique, and life, finally began to change for the better. After years of weightlifting, Venessa gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle on her frame.

Ever since then, she’s become famous for her awesome figure and enviable discipline in the gym. As Venessa says; “I’m now 120lb and hoping to continue to grow because of my weight training. It’s so fun to create something out of nothing and I love helping others do the same.”

With over 600k+ followers on Instagram and over 2.5 million combined social media accounts, she is powerfully climbing up the ranks as one of the most dominant women in the fitness industry combined with the beauty and strong business work ethic.


In a very short period of time since exploding on the scene Venessa Nieto has not only set the bar are she is taking over the online social media world to being featured in magazine pages, plasma screen TV’s and websites ablaze working the top fitness and fashion photographers and her approach to every job booked with a strong sense of professionalism, splendid sophistication, sultry style, and beauty have quickly made her the most sought-after models in the industry and new rising stars and has left the world clamoring to capture and see more of her inimitable poignant beauty.

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